We Are All Headed to Aspen

Last year, my wife and I went to Mexico for a family vacation with several of her brothers and cousins. We had such a wonderful experience that we all decided to try and do the same thing every year. Family is everything to us, so we all will try our best to make it happen. I looked at the Cuvee website to see where their other luxury rental homes are because we definitely wanted to stick with them. Our first experience with them was with the house in Los Cabos, and we were beyond satisfied in every area possible.

Since all of us have used various rental companies in the past, we all knew that this was definitely a keeper. The house was everything they said it would be, and then some. No other rental had all of the extras available, and we even had appetizers waiting for us when we first got there. I liked the different locales that we could go to and still stay in one of their houses. When I showed the list to the others, we decided to stay stateside this time. We all are pretty active, so we decided to go to the other extreme and make this one a skiing vacation in Aspen.

The homes were so different but equally as nice. We have reserved a gorgeous five bedroom villa right at the base of one of the mountains, and we are all looking forward to going there for some winter fun. Hitting the slopes is only part of the excitement that awaits us. There is a resort within walking distance, and we are able to use the amenities there. Town is a short walk away too, plus the home itself has so many amenities that there is not going to be a chance for any of us to get bored!