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Some of the Best Campfire Meal Ideas

Omelets can be prepared without much hustle and they are perfect for breakfast. You need to crack an egg into the Ziploc and add ingredients like onions, pepper and cheese. Store them in a cooler overnight and boil them in hot water in the morning and let them cook for about 15 minutes. After about 13 minutes, remove the omelet from the bag and serve your family.

If you are thinking of making a more creative meal for breakfast, sausages are a perfect choice. To prepare this delicious snack, mix ground meat with a tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of powdered milk. It is advisable that you place the meat in a cooker overnight to soak the ingredients properly then fry the sausages till they are golden brown.

You can also have cinnamon rolls in the morning during your campfire adventure. To make them, you should have cinnamon rolls, sticks, and campfire. Consider purchasing a brand that has dough in a spiral form to make it trouble-free when placing it on the sticks. Roast the rolls over the fire and keep watch until the outside is golden and the inside is well cooked. When the cooking is done, slide off the rolls from the stick or eat it right from the stick.

Another cheap easy-to-make recipe that you can add to your campfire recipe is sandwich since you only require a loaf of bread, red onions thinly cut, cheese, ham, mustard, and butter. Now cut the loaf into slices that are not too thin to fit your family requirements. Then, mix 3 tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of mustard on the slices. Then fold the cheese and add ham into the slots and wrap the sandwich in a foil and store in a cooler. Cook the sandwiches on a grill for about 20 minutes and make sure that the cheese has melted. Take out the sandwich from the foil and separate the slices.

Pizzas are meals that you can also enjoy when you are away from home. All you need is a loaf of bread, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, red onions cut into half moon, green pepper and other toppings of your liking. After spreading the ingredients, wrap the bread and place it in a cooler. You can cook it for about 20 minutes flipping it often and then cut to serve.

Add tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and onions into a split chicken, fold it in an aluminum wrap then grill it.

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