A First Trip to the U.S

A few years ago, my brother decided to go to the U.S. for college, while I decided to stay in our home country and attend a university there. After he graduated, he stayed there so he could work while doing a graduate program. He invited me to come stay with him for a week, but I wasn’t sure if I needed a visa. He told me that I could use an ESTA wavier to visit the country for a certain length of time without a visa, and as long as I had a passport, I would be fine.

After filling out the waiver and having it accepted, I updated my passport, bought a plane ticket and packed my bags for my flight to the U.S. This was my first time going to the U.S., and I had only heard about it from my brother and other people who had been before. From their descriptions, it seemed like a place where just about anything could happen and the people can move at a fast pace. In our home country, things are a little more relaxed, even in the biggest cities. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to adapt quickly enough on my vacation.

The flight was pretty long to the U.S., and for most of it I slept after watching the in flight movie. Once I landed, my brother greeted me at the airport and we drove back to his apartment so I could drop off my luggage. We then went to eat at a local restaurant. The food was very different from what I was used to eating back at home, but it was pretty delicious. For some reason, tipping is commonly done in restaurants in the U.S. I had an enjoyable time there and I can see why my brother wanted to stay.