A First Trip to the U.S

A few years ago, my brother decided to go to the U.S. for college, while I decided to stay in our home country and attend a university there. After he graduated, he stayed there so he could work while doing a graduate program. He invited me to come stay with him for a week, but I wasn’t sure if I needed a visa. He told me that I could use an ESTA wavier to visit the country for a certain length of time without a visa, and as long as I had a passport, I would be fine.

After filling out the waiver and having it accepted, I updated my passport, bought a plane ticket and packed my bags for my flight to the U.S. This was my first time going to the U.S. Continue reading

We Are All Headed to Aspen

Last year, my wife and I went to Mexico for a family vacation with several of her brothers and cousins. We had such a wonderful experience that we all decided to try and do the same thing every year. Family is everything to us, so we all will try our best to make it happen. I looked at the Cuvee website to see where their other luxury rental homes are because we definitely wanted to stick with them. Our first experience with them was with the house in Los Cabos, and we were beyond satisfied in every area possible.

Since all of us have used various rental companies in the past, we all knew that this was definitely a keeper. The house was everything they said it would be, and then some. Continue reading