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In Fischer claimed that "Homofascists" will treat Christians like Jews in the Holocaust [] and later that year he repeated on American Family Talk that Hitler started the Nazi party "in a gay bar in Munich" [] and that "[Adolf Hitler] couldn't get straights to be vicious enough in being his enforcers. Not to be confused with American Family Foundation. Conservatism portal. Do a google search for consbreastution! Archived from the original on November 25, The Daily Telegraph. May 7, Retrieved on July 15,

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And here's one from Outsports showing a series of Google News headlines:. Evangelical 'hate group' funding Republican National Committee trip to Israel". The AFA defined itself as "a Christian organization promoting the biblical ethic of decency in American society with primary emphasis on television and other media," later switching their stated emphasis to "moral issues that impact the family. The AFA campaign increased hype for the show in larger American media markets, and Blue became one of the most popular shows of the — television season.

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Human Rights Campaign.