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I tune in on the Ten-Tec to the bands I'll be on when I'm licensed, and with luck, I'll be a voice out there for that other side, the side that thinks that the world's impossible, amazing, and something to leave us in awe, rather than just a source of more cranky, interminable vitriol. If it costs more than a video game system or a computer, for a hobby I might not even enjoy, then that's too much for me. He invented the bit, and married a computer. OTOH, my last non-self employed job saw me dealing with such basics as controlled impedance transmission lines, in a company that sold remotely guided military vehicles. No more bandwidth to be got per Hertz.

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It would be a shame for this type of communication went to the wayside, because even for the operator's curmudgeon personalities, during a crisis they are like a well tuned piano playing a melody of perfection, marching into their respective roles, organizing and filling in like troopers in a battle.

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The guys come clumping into the kitchen in autumn camo, and it's always a blast, because they're just about the drinkenest, cussinest, bullshittinest bunch you'd ever meet, but they'll ask if I'm married in some peripheral off-handed way and I'm suddenly feeling like a drag queen standing on stage with the Miss America finalists, covering an adam's apple with a fluttery and very large hand. Well if you knew what the limitations were, why did you move into an HOA development to begin with? Yuri Ivanovich Onufriyenko - Russian cosmonaut. We rarely saw eye-to-eye, but we worked in similar ways.

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At the same time, it's radio.

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