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You think it's an unreal thing? We'd be perfect for your other gay friend or your son. Perhaps if straight women spent some time on Grindr, they'd get it. Finding a great gay guy is easier than finding a great straight one. Hollywood even offered a movie 's When Harry Met Sally Sexy-hungry and free, ever wanting, ever ready for a hard fuck!

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I was flattered the time a woman at Bowery Bar in NYC declared me a perfect match for her son and went so far as to leave him a voice mail raving about me. I cringed, not so much at the question itself as at the possibility that straight people might be as curious about it as gay guys on Grindr are. If sparks are going to fly between two gay men, let them fly on their own. Colton bends Dominic over and begins to face fuck his hole, getting it nice and wet before plunging his meat stick deep inside his best friend. Don't automatically assume that the friend I introduce you to, or the one I hung out with the other night is my new love interest -- or should be. Despite her tipsy enthusiasm, though, I knew I'd never have to meet him.

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