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For example if you feel like a male, then you simply are one, whether or not people doubt you or if you transition through wearing different clothes, changing pronouns, taking hormones, etc. I wanna thank you so much for contacting Teenline with your problem. On one hand, I feel like it could only help us to become closer, and to possibly begin a deeper relationship in the near future, but at the same time, part of me thinks that telling him while he is going through his own struggle could put us more apart. We text, call, Skype, etc. Sometimes I wish I was normal. For what seems like all my life, I have been different. It must be so difficult to fear about your grandparents kicking you out because you are bisexual.

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I just need help because right now my family cannot afford for me to go to therapy.

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The Trevor Project—Saving Young LGBTQ Lives

Overall I was still very unhappy and It got to the point where I had contemplated suicide. Text "STOP" to opt out. Firstly, thank you so much for contacting Teen Line. It kills me inside how she feels about gay people. It does sound pretty confusing to be Christian and have affections for someone of the same gender. Do I have any chance for a normal relationship? Please help me or at least let me know if you read this.

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The National Runaway Safeline will provide you with a safe place to stay if you are ever not able to stay at your home. She and Virginia went on to develop the Models of Pride annual conference for LGBTQ youth at which we have always participated with a suicide prevention workshop and a resource table. For more information about them, their website is glnh. Some websites I suggest you take a look at are: This was an outstanding and moving event as Ellen had just lost her TV show when she had come out as a lesbian on it.

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