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Not in my arse-hole! The sexual excitation brought on by impaling also facilitated the emasculation, that inevitably came, once the arena audience had tired of watching the slave writhing on the impaling post. Learn more. Home the-urbn. The 'privates' were then stuffed into the slave's mouth, with the 'cock-head', with the foreskin pulled back, exposing the dark purple 'helmet', poking out between the slave's lips, and the slave's balls making his cheeks bulge.

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While raping him they 'play' with his meaty prick and his bulging ball-sack, and get him incredibly 'hard'.

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If there was fucking in the arena, Gracchus particularly favoured the position that these two lads were using, as both sets of balls, both cocks, and both arse-holes were clearly visible to the arena audience — and as the two lads in question were remarkably 'well-hung' — then that was even better. Very quickly, the older lad, who was obviously enjoying the 'attention, with a wide grin on his face, got 'hard' again. Roman Sexuality and the Roman Games.

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His older brother then bent over him, pushed down his stiff prick, so that the bulging cock-head was pointing at his brother's arse-hole.

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