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I hope that you enjoyed my little one shot and I hope that you guys weren't uncomfortable with it. At first I hated you for what you have done to Serah and me but…. Hope walked down his porch and into the Limo, completely surprised on who was inside. The guy next to him grinned and placed his hand on Hope's lap. Hope in XIII being the best example.

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Hope looked at the guy and followed his instructions carefully.

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But it did happen again. I know that you're really gay and that you and Hope had a thing" Snow looked away. Serah wore a strapless white gown with golden sun at the bottom of it. He was your average tall, handsome, football stare with an attractive cheerleader girlfriend and one of Hope's best friends, Serah Farron. I couldn't control-" Snow stopped as he saw Hope licking Snow's hand that he used to wipe off the semen and blushed. The kid next to him laughed "What do you think we're doing? He heard footsteps and looked up to see Snow without a shirt sweating heard.

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He couldn't take his eyes off of Snow, who was seated across from him. Hope in XIII being the best example. I'd be pretty emo in that situation too. To be true Snow always wanted Hope since the first day that he saw him in his science class. Could he be falling in love with him…. Hope was busy counting how many buttons he has on his suit, starting over again and again.

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