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As in most such areas, gay people of all kinds tend to stick together and find more in common than in large cities where every group has their own turf. Do NOT let the picture on their website mislead you. Top 10 Reasons to Visit. Clean hot fun I'm 22 and I just went to the diplomat for the first time today and feel great! Bars here welcome a wide range of ages, from 18 years-old to enter, not to drink to much older people, both men and women, all mixing together. Rumors 69 Division Ave. Flip through the online guide or request your FREE copy by mail.

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Its gotten better This place has been here for 30 years, and its in a large old building.

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LGBTQ in Grand Rapids

Now for the positve things you get to see live porn and any of the four tvs there one the tv in the lobbie you will find porn also but thats not the good part of the club the best part is the live porn going on the couches. The Eastown neighborhood is Grand Rapid's hippest district for the general population, with an eclectic sprinkling of specialty shops, galleries, restaurants, coffee houses, entertainment venues, and other businesses. The Saugatuck Center for the Arts often has gay-themed events or film screenings, and Oval Beach has a gay-popular section up by the dunes. Clean hot fun I'm 22 and I just went to the diplomat for the first time today and feel great! African Americans in GR. At that time there were four guys including myself and I was the only one under thirty. I have been attempting to give the place a chance.

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Anyone who says differently is just mad they didn't get what they wanted. Grand Rapids is a liberal enclave within a otherwise conservative part of Michigan. African Americans in GR. Now, let me say this isn't my first time here it's my third in as many months. Please enter a search criteria! Purebottom 8 months ago.

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