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Now please, leave me alone. I couldn't think of any other way to do it. I knew it was too good to last… "Hello, Gai. Naruto began to do a sort of kick line, still singing, "I'm happy just being with you! Naruto held his hands up in defense. The tightening of Naruto's passage was too much for Kiba as he followed Naruto, screaming the blonde's name and filling him.

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In a flash that seemed to disturb the Uchiha well into the future, Naruto burst into song.

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Just In All Stories: I wanted to get it posted and they were having trouble making a decision. Naruto took note of this fact, his hands instantly off Kiba's body. Kakashi fixed the other jonin with a one-eyed stare and simply said, "I do not want to talk about it, Gai. Why should I care?

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Naruto's laughter ceased as he touched his lips with the boy before him. Looking into blue eyes, he stuck one finger inside and began pumping it in and out of the tight hole. Why do I care? It wasn't anything big, but still I haven't found the right moment. Deidara and Tobi looked at each other then yelled as they ran far away from Itachi.

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