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In response to my assertion that indeed Helem has the right to speak for and represent only its own members and not all Lebanese and Arabs who engage in same sex acts, Mr. It is rare that events concerning gays and lesbians in other countries make the front page of mainstream newspapers. It extends Said's study of Orientalism by analyzing the latter's impact on Arab intellectual production; it links Orientalism to definitions and representations of sex and desire and in doing so provides a colonial archive to the sexual question that has hitherto been missing; it approaches the literary as the limits of imagining the future; and puts forth the question of translation as a central problem in Euro-American studies of the other. Slums, residential fortresses, and pockets of extreme luxury amid deprivation grew exponentially across the region. Makarem wants the state to grant them such rights. Joseph Massad speaks at the University of Chile in

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Massad views US culture as deeply infected with racism and misogyny, tying the Abner Louima case to torture in Abu Ghraiband arguing that in Iraq, "American male sexual prowess, usually reserved for American women, [was] put to military use in imperial conquests", with "Iraqis

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Retrieved 23 April The book deals with the "instrumentalization of Islam in the West" and responds to critiques of his earlier book Desiring Arabs. Massad's analysis of the discourse on terrorism in the introduction deals with the dynamics of power relations between Zionism and the Palestinians and traces the history of Zionist and Israeli violence which the British called "terrorism" in Palestine before and after, while his title chapter on the persistence of the Palestinian question argues that the Palestinian and the Jewish questions are one and the same and that "both questions can only be resolved by the negation of anti-Semitism, which still plagues much of Europe and America and which mobilizes Zionism's own hatred of Jewish Jews and of the Palestinians. The few gay and lesbian organizations that emerged in the last few years in Lebanon and in the Palestinian community in Israel are aware of this also.

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From the beginning, it was clear for gay and lesbian activists that the 'pro-western' forces that had just prevailed could be worse than their predecessors.

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