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In a world where there were only gay and lesbian people not even bisexuals children would still be born. Vilnius is an interesting place. And people think Poland is homophobic Someone from Vilnius, Lithuania? The world is a changing place.

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Is it a big club or what?

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Its good to have a diverse population and some of the worlds greatest people have been gay! Notorious a few years ago, things have either settled down a bit or the shock value has worn off. However, my friend who is straight and lives in Klaipeda advised that it is not a good idea for two men to sit close together in a nightclub, in case someone assumes they are an "item". And many people are outright supportive. Reply Jul 14th, Being lesbian is fine. Sperm donors would exist.

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In fact, homophobic jokes and allusions are commonplace in Vilnius' press, where daily tabloid Vakaro Zinios 'The Evening News' routinely refers to gays as 'chickenpricks. How funny when people say 'gays are not welcome in Vilnus' because gay people are already there Don't wear anything to flashy or colorful ; no fashion victims on the streets or anything alike. Reply Sep 1st, THere is one religious community in Lithuania who are accepting of gay people-Pagans. It is quite obvious that communism and fascism haven't been ended. And people think Poland is homophobic

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