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He was a friend, the first friend I had in this new world, on the other side of the cultural divide from the fundamentalist Christians who constituted my previous reality. Three months after the incident on the bus, I met my first boyfriend. But don't relationships end all the time? I wanted him to say that he was surprised, that I seemed so straight, but he smiled gently and said, "I kind of figured. Instead, ask what he thinks about what you said. Staring at Darren's face had a funny effect on time. How many people are aware that the Twin Cities was a major player in the birth of the computer industry?

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He has been on staff since

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Darren was saying that he and his boyfriend were probably going to get a two-bedroom apartment near UW and look for a roommate. Consider these questions:. Kennedy for Ward 2 Council seat. The padded bench at the very back seemed kingly, what with all the legroom, so I sat there.

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If you value your roommate as a friend you would like to have for the rest of your life, do whatever you can to let your infatuation blend into the background and eventually hopefully your friendship will come into focus.

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