A transgender fantasy

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Razek essentially says that he and his crew has not cast trans models because they "didn't make it" — that is, they weren't who the people charged with casting were looking for. In the interview, Razek was clear: But perhaps that attitude sustains the power of Victoria's Secret, when what we really should be doing is continuing to deflate that authority — shrinking its power alongside its fast-falling sales. Some pre-op trans women are completely comfortable with their bodies and how they participate in sexual encounters. If you're scratching your head at this circular logic, and wondering whether this statement really contradicts in any way the idea that trans models aren't part of the "fantasy" that Victoria's Secret tries to present — well folks, you're not alone! Decoupling that truth from their gender is disingenuous and honestly, nonsensical.

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We've had transgender models come to castings

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Victoria's Secret 'sorry' for transgender model comments

But in this case, the receipts are literal receipts: There are also trans women looking for a casual Casanova like yourself and they come with no strings or drama attached. Visit our Cookie Policy to learn more about our use of Cookies. Another day, another non-apology from a man. Why waste dialogue on trans when you can jump right into the steamy parts of the conversation? When you keep it honest and open—everyone wins!

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Because Razek, who is, as he said, trying to promote the "fantasy" of the brand, says they didn't make it! And that Victoria's Secret would "absolutely cast a transgender model. Our duality and versatility make us the complete package. It's rare these days to see such a bald-faced embrace of an obvious-if-unpopular truth. Now, Razek says that the company has never cast trans models because they simply didn't make the cut, not because of their gender. Relax and give yourself permission to figure it out together.

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