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The Greek practice of pederasty came suddenly into prominence at the end of the Archaic period of Greek history; there is a brass plaque from Crete, about BC, which is the oldest surviving representation of pederastic custom. The hero was so distraught at the loss of his lover that he abandoned the quest for the Golden Fleece. They provided succour and hope in a grim world. As we have seen, the traditional image of pedagogical pederasty is simply mistaken, so what is its origin? Such reciprocity was not unknown before this-Socrates describes the experience as one that is likely to follow upon the young man's perception of his lover's generosity-but what is clear is that the cultural vocabulary lacks a description for it. Follow us on social media.

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He did not allow the boy to embrace him, comparing his kisses to spider's bites.

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Classical Criticism Cambridge University Press, p. Among the Athenians, as Socrates claims in Xenophon 's Symposium, "Nothing [of what concerns the boy] is kept hidden from the father, by an ideal [35] lover. A gay utopia may be possible, but it is a project for the future, not a lost relic of the past. The impressions created by watching Spartacus may be wholly false but they leave a mark.

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From the Hollywood epics in the s and s to crass shows such as Up Pompeiithe ancient world has fascinated millions who would not know or care about the minutiae of classical scholarship.

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