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There are several theories that account for the high frequency of homosexuality. He didn't know anyone's sexual orientation for sure, and didn't objectively examine any scalps up close. Klar explains that he, for one, got lucky:. This is a huge selective advantage that a male-loving allele confers on women, and offsets the selective disadvantage that it confers on men. The index fingers of most straight men are shorter than their ring fingers, while for most women they are closer in length, or even reversed in ratio.

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The study does not take account of the erstwhile hair-whorl directionality of persons who are now bald.

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What does gay look like? Science is working on it

Some inborn traits might be expected if homosexuality is -- as most scientists believe -- rooted in biology, and they might provide clues about the biological origins of sexual orientation. The label fell into disrepute, but lately a number of well-known researchers in the field of sexual orientation have been reviving it based on an extensive new body of research showing that most of us, whether top or bottom, butch or femme, or somewhere in between, share a kind of physical otherness that locates us in our own quadrant of the gender matrix, more like one another than not. Combined with environmental influences, it will be hard to detect individual genes. Seizure Led to FloJo's Death. Instead, the mother's womb might be key. After giving birth to a boy, her immune system might create antibodies to foreign, male proteins in her bloodstream.

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This, he says, is "vastly different from the value of 8. The hand you use to sign your name might have something to do with what gender you are drawn to. How does your hair grow? Finding and solidifying these links isn't easy. Seizure Led to FloJo's Death. One theory is that a single gene might influence hair-whorl direction, left-right brain organization and, somehow, sexual orientation. At the two extremes are the very tall and the very short.

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