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In "I, Fanbot" where Fanboy swaps brains with a robot. Amusing Injuries Animate Inanimate Object: If you've ever seen any of the storyboards, you probably know that they look completely different than the actual show. The three main grownups are this, too. This show is just a fun little cartoon for kids. An individual who thinks that XBox, Star Wars, comic books, action figures, TV shows, and so on are life-or-death matters that require zealotry. Fanboy and Chum Chum are capable of detaching their noses from their faces and swapping them with each other in "Pick a Nose", leaving brief moments where neither of them has a nose.

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His sidekick is Chum Chum.

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Fanboys caused alot of fallouts between people when they started arguing about consoles. Its great for young sci-fi enthusiasts. Mac fanboy says "Apple can do anything!

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Taken Up to Eleven in "The Tale Tell Toy" - the only characters to appear are the titular duo, the only location being the Fanlair and no place more.

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