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This was one of the many beautiful parks in this area. The smooth branch was cool to my uncovered backside. After several minutes we both began to feel that wondrous tickle beginning in our balls and at the base of our cocks causing us to begin speeding up our fuck. It was if we were each looking into a mirror, except his hair was blonde and mine was red. He had some gay porn on and we watched it for a little while. That tickling tongue massage was really driving me crazy, but despite my efforts to push him off my cock, he didn't stop for another minute or so. Len felt the twitch and smiled, he knew what was going though the boys mind.

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Satisfied the boy was all right he spoke softly.

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My First Fuck Buddy

Tim proceeds to stick his tongue in my asshole and rim me for a very long time. His next move almost pushed me over the edge. Since I was playing with myself, I hope he didn't see me doing that. Abruptly the man withdrew, thrusting the boys legs aside. Thus begins a long story of 6 chapters Just as I was really getting into it combined with that hot wet tongue licking me, he spread me open and thrust his stiff tongue in to my butt hole, tongue fucking me. Tim was about 15 to 20 minutes late which I expected considering he lived further up in the main city of the county I lived in.

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Pretty much all the following hook ups would be from men I met on aim chats and eventually on craigslist when aim disabled its chats. More gay sex stories you might enjoy. I said "it looks like we are". Pussyboy shocked by the sudden withdrawal lay collapsed upon the landing, gasping as his normal breathing pattern established itself. The last and finally time I ever saw Tim in my life was when he came over to my house.

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