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Gabe Lyons has a conversation with Ernie Johnson, Jr. The core of who we are is our identity. As the culture fails to meaningfully address what it means to be human, what opportunities might that create? Greg Thompson, with a Ph. When probation officer Tiffany Whittier was assigned to self-avowed white supremacist Michael Kent, an unlikely friendship developed, eventually leading Michael away from a life of racism. Identity The core of who we are is our identity. Many of us who have experienced painful challenges know that God can find us in any place and any moment of our lives.

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The film based off their true story of faith and persecution, "The Insanity of God," releases Tuesday, August 30th.

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Episode Our Shadow Side: Confession The origins of the Church are thousands of years old. With a Cinderella story of drug-dealer-turned-Jesus-lover, Lecrae is the only artist to ever debut an album that simultaneously topped the Billboard and Gospel charts. Mark Sayers We are increasingly losing touch with what it means to be human: As Andy Crouch says, we only? Episode Building Bridges:

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Ian Cron For thousands of years, mystics and Church fathers have understood the havoc the seven deadly sins reap in the human heart. As individualism becomes common and pursuing your deepest feelings and desires is perceived as heroic, denying one's self is revolutionary. Caleb Kaltenbach Growing up with parents who were gay, Caleb Kaltenbach was part of the gay rights movement from an early age. Bobette Buster has built and sustained a long, respected career in the film industry by being the best at finding and developing epiphanies in some of the greatest movies we've all enjoyed. Shane Claiborne By many metrics, incarceration rates are growing in America with valid concerns about a "cradle-to-prison" pipeline in certain regions. Who or what deems an idea legitimate?

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