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Updated Updated 12 September The Government amended the bill to delay debate for six months. Archived from the original on 5 June But we did this by referendum for same sex marriage in Topics Ireland The Observer. The social transformation of the country was on display in the grounds of Dublin Castle, former seat of British rule in Ireland and the site of the national count for a referendum that was unthinkable just two decades ago — it was only in that homosexuality was decriminalised. Reporter Dean Cornish visited the country two years after its referendum, to see what Australia can learn.

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They also recommended a legal presumption of partnership for couples which have lived together for three years, or have children together.

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Same-sex marriage: Yes and No voters in Ireland offer lessons for Australian debate

The French PACS is not included, nor are some other legal relationships — for example, the Dutch civil partnership and some of the domestic partnerships in the United States. This means that one of the cohabitants will be treated as an adult dependant when the other cohabitant makes a claim for a social welfare payment. Retrieved 20 June Many politicians welcomed the result. The pro-gay marriage vote captured headlines around the world, with celebrities praising the outcome. In the next month or so, debate will rage, and passions will ignite.

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A high turnout, particularly among younger voters, boosted the Yes side. Retrieved 4 May Elsewhere on the BBC. Many here will be watching the campaign and survey result with interest, assuming it survives the High Court challenge. During his speech, McDowell was interrupted by members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians opposed to the Government plans.

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