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Perhaps the most hilarious part was when Oz included aluminum in a list of metals that "shouldn't be in food. But don't mistake it for a persuasive argument. Incapable of independent research or any substantive cogent thoughts? It really just made your comment very confusing. The parent organisations would have been so much more powerful had they all worked together. I think it's or was something broken on his end.

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Mercola was sued for this kind of deception by the FTC in its Complaint.

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Dr. Joseph Mercola

There are quite a few related entities operating out of that location. Joseph Mercola is 64 years old. Clearly you didn't break out your browser du jour to look up the meaning of cognitive dissonance. I want drugs to sell like chewing gum. Do your own due diligence. I own the very one that I feature in the shop. To read many of the comments here, it seems most believe modern medicine can do no wrong.

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Then again, given that you seem to be under the impression that Mikey demonstrated "toxic levels" of aluminum or anything, reallyI won't be holding my breath. They were each vetted previously by this author for damaging and defrauding everyone in healthcarepatients and doctors alike. Oh wait, you're an MD though, right? From this discussion, the author is of the opinion that Mercola. And not even one case of a successful cancer treatment according to the principles of New Medicine has been documented so far.

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