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Higher shares in Orthodox countries also favor traditional roles for women in marriage and society; many say that women have a social responsibility to bear children, that men should have greater rights to jobs when jobs are scarce and that wives must always obey their husbands. NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc. At the highest level of moral thinking, teenagers and young adults applied deeply rooted values and principles to this situation. The parents did not deny that fact and placed both of their names as the parents of the child on the application. The other two stories have to do with two children from separate families. Compared with others surveyed, Orthodox-majority countries typically have lower levels of support for legal same-sex marriage; in most Orthodox countries, fewer than one-in-five adults favor same-sex marriage. Adults in Orthodox countries are more likely than those elsewhere to reject homosexuality and to oppose same-sex marriage and legal abortion.

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Religion, Morality and Homosexuality, A Real Conflict

I have known a very great many Jewish people who sent their children to Catholic schools because they firmly believed these schools provided a superior education. They already have that. Science and religion 7. Boltz is an example of a man, deeply Christian, who was convinced that his sexual orientation was a matter of choice. In fact, I am not even a clinical psychologist.

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Statistical analysis of the data shows that nationalist sentiment is more closely associated with views on employment preference for men than is religious observance. Boltz is an example of a man, deeply Christian, who was convinced that his sexual orientation was a matter of choice. In each case, and in two different Catholic schools, each child was denied entry based on the fact that the parents were living in a way that Christianity does not approve of. Finally, in at dinner he opened up to his family about his sexual orientation. I have also known children from various Christian non Catholic sects who sent their children to Catholic schools with no difficulty. Education levels also affect support for same-sex marriage.

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