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He resolved, as God should prosper him, that he would try to snatch other help less creatures from sin and ruin. In short, she charged him to leave no stone unturned to ruin his old com rade Stock. I want to pay him my rent: But all his pleas were urged in vain. One of the neighbours who stood by, said, what a fine thing it was for the boy, but some people were born to be lucky! Thus the boys soon got many psalms and chapters by heart, almost without knowing how they came by them.

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He used to tell Will Simpson, as they sat at work, that such a dutiful daughter could hardly fail to make a faithful wife.

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Page:Encyclopædia Britannica, Ninth Edition, v. 7.djvu/48

Stock was too much moved to carry on the discourse; he did not make himself known to the boy, but took him over to the baker's shop; as they walked along he could not help repeating aloud, a verse or two of that beautiful hymn, so deservedly the favourite of all children:. James, said he, looking wildly it is all over with me. Stock, who secretly thanked God for it. I dare not look back, for that is all sin, nor forward, for that is all misery and woe. Stock, I am no minister; it does not become me to talk much to thee: Of this he was continually reminded by James, to whom he always answered, What have you to complain about? He assured them it was utterly out of his power for want of money.

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It is the goodness of God which leadeth to repentance. Stock, I am no minister; it does not become me to talk much to thee: I find I am twice as happy since I am grown good and sober. But you must be always acting under it's power and spirit. Stock did not pretend to excuse Jack, or even to lessen his of fences; for it was a rule of his never to disguise truth or to palliate wickedness, Sin was still sin in his eyes, though it were committed by his best friend; but though he would not soften the sin, he felt tenderly for the sinner.