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Heard diddy and Jamie foxx diddled some white twink at a limo some years ago but don't know if he was underaged. And then the Smallville actress got arrested. The latter reveal has come as quite a shock to Usher fans, causing many to wonder whether the singer could possibly be gay or bisexual. What about Puff Daddy? A man accusing Usher of exposing him to herpes claims the two had sex at a spa in Los Angeles. R36 I agree I believe it. R Justin wanting to jump on that.

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R63 he was a small pretty boy he was probably every pervert's fantasy?

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There Goes My Bumpy: Usher’s Gay Herpes Accuser Claims They Had Sex In Korean Spa

Didn't Chris Brown get raped by Diddy? I can just tell. What the fuck is usher doing with his hands creepy. Meanwhile, Usher was grooming little thirteen year old Bieber and making him perform oral sex. R19 no this "enty" person definitely pointed this at Justin bieber and Usher "Another big issue in all of this are the ongoing legal troubles of the permanent A lister. R Justin wanting to jump on that. Pretty sure had brown not beaten the crap out of rihanna he'd of been huge right now, he was being compared to michael jackson when his career started taking off, that night rihanna's dignity died so did chris's career.

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They cater of them. What is it about the entertainment industry that attracts pervy people or worse, turns seemingly harmless normal people into perverted depraved creeps? The story that went around was that she saw something on his phone, R, Brown grew up in a home with DV and physical abuse and raised himself in kind of a feral way in a pack of cousins. Pastor Carl is quite irresistible. In an interview with Kevin Hart inDiddy infamously mentioned his early years with Usher: Unless it's more about power and control, in which case, who knows.

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